Goodbye Google Reader Blog

For anyone who spends a significant amount of time online, it is inevitable that he or she has dozens of favorite website. Among those many websites, it is likely that he or she checks several of them for updates several times per day. RSS news feeds can be incredibly efficient solutions for those web users who want to be kept abreast of their favorite websites and blogs, but want to save as much times as possible. Once a web user downloads an RSS reader, such as Google reader blog, the user will receive instant feeds from their favorite websites such as the CNN RSS feed, Fox news live feed, Google news RSS, the Wall Street Journal blog, and whatever others to which the user chooses to subscribe.

In order to receive RSS feeds, one can download free reader software such as the Google reader blog, or other similar RSS reader. Once the Google reader blog is downloaded, a web user can access a RSS feed list and choose which of the most popular RSS feeds he or she wants to follow. After that is done, the web user goes about business as usual until he or she received his or her first RSS feed. When that first RSS feed arrives, it comes directly to your screen via an RSS feed, and can be grabbed and read using the Google reader blog that you downloaded. Thus, by downloading the Google reader blog web users will now save several hours of time every week that they otherwise would have wasted chasing down updates that are not even there.

Unfortunately, Google reader blog is going away, so those who do download it will have to find a new way to read their feeds. Fortunately, there is a three month sunset period, which will allow users of the Google reader blog to save and transfer all of their stuff, and find an alternate reader to use. While this is unfortunate, times change and improvements achieved because of it.