Expand Your RSS Feed List With These Popular Choices

Do you have some of the most popular RSS feeds on your RSS feeds list? If you do not, you could be behind on breaking news around the world and in your hometown. Subscribing to a variety of feeds is the best way to ensure that you never miss an important headline. Here are four popular feeds that you may want to consider adding to your list.

1. Google News UK RSS feed.

The Google News UK section aggregates all of the top headlines from multiple news sources in the United Kingdom. Whether you are an expatriate here in America, or just travelling outside of Britain, if you want to stay connected to the latest news headlines from back home, then all you need to do is subscribe to the Google News UK RSS feed. The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scotsman, Ayrshire Post, BBC News, and more are all filtered into this RSS feed so you never miss an important headline.

2. Fox News live feed.

The Fox News live feed specializes in bringing you the latest headlines as they break. International and national breaking headlines are delivered daily to your feed reader online, or to your smartphone. If you regularly tune in to Fox News then this is the feed for you. Now you no longer have to wait for the nightly news.

3. CNN RSS feed.

The CNN RSS feed is broken up into many categories, including Health, Entertainment, Video, World, Business, Recent, Popular, and many more. Customize your feed by subscribing to just one or two categories, or more, depending on your interests. Yahoo users can have the feed delivered to their pages, but of course the RSS feed can also be sent to most RSS aggregators.

4. Wall Street Journal blog feed.

The Wall Street Journal has an RSS Feed dedicated solely to its blogs, where the editors and reporters of the Wall Street Journal comment on daily news. If you want your news through a more casual lens, then subscribing to the WSJ blog feed is a great way to get it. Television shows, movies, technology, headlines, the blog feed covers it all.

With these four popular RSS feeds you can stay current on almost all of the most important news as it occurs. Which feeds do you subscribe to?