There are Several RSS Alternatives to Google Reader Still Available

RSS feed lists are great tools for anyone who wants to use the internet to get the latest news updates and keep up with all of the topics that they are interested in. However, Google News RSS feeds became much more difficult to use in early July when Google decided to shutdown its popular aggregator, which they aptly named Reader. Though there are lots of good alternatives still available, Reader was the most popular of its kind, and many former RSS users have stopped subscribing altogether. Unfortunately, the reasons why the program was shut down are a bit vague, and it can be tough to figure out exactly why.

According to the Google Reader blog, the company decided to shut down several different programs in an effort to better focus on other areas. The blog post from March 13 states, “We need to focus – otherwise we spread ourselves to thin and lack impact.” Reader, which was originally introduced in 2005, was not the only program shut down, but it was perhaps the most popular. Other apps that were shut down include Apps Script, CalDAV API, Google Building Maker, and Google Cloud Connect, among others. There is more information available about all of those programs, and why they were stopped, on the Google Reader blog.

Fortunately, if you still want to subscribe to your favorite popular RSS feeds, the Google Reader blog provides a list of good alternatives. That list includes Feedly, InoReader, NewsBlur, Feedspot, Digg, and, of course, The Old Reader which is eerily similar to the one that Google chose to shut down. With so many different options, web users can still subscribe to feeds and get news sent right to them, they might just have to make some small adjustments to get used to a new aggregator.

Of course, it can be a little bit tough to find a reader that you actually like, especially if you had specific settings on Reader that made it perfect for you. The only way to actually find the best one for your needs is to try out a bunch, but doing research and reading reviews can also be helpful. Though this might be a bit time consuming, it could go a long way towards helping you find a new aggregator to replace Reader.

Perhaps the greatest thing about RSS feeds is that they allow you to stay informed without having to do so much as type a web address into your browser window. However, to some, the death of Google Reader meant the end of following the CNN RSS feed and others. But with lots of great alternatives available, that does not have to be the case.