Read All of Your News in One Place

Did you know that, in any given minute, Twitter users compose 100,000 tweets, Facebook users publish 684,478 posts, and as many as 571 new websites crop up online? Keeping track of anything on the web, especially news cycles that change by the minute, can be challenging. RSS feeds gather all of the news for you, and arrange news in a single, convenient feed reader. With RSS feeds lists, keeping track of news can be manageable, even on a busy schedule.

What News Outlets and Media Groups Support RSS Technology?

The New York Times was one of the first major news outlets to use RSS feeds, and other prominent groups quickly followed suit. Today, CNN RSS feeds, Fox News Live feeds, Google News RSS feeds, BBC RSS feeds, and more are available, and all are relatively convenient and simple to use. Users have the option of syncing all news stories from a particular source, or from syncing particular topics only, such as world news, arts and entertainment news, etc.

What Are Your Formatting Options?

Popular RSS feeds offer users a number of different formatting options. Despite what many believe, RSS feeds are not restricted to text-only formats. Video-based RSS feeds, or RSS feeds featuring audio files, are also fairly common, and just as easy to sync to your preferred destination. Certain applications format RSS feeds in entirely unique ways as well. Flipboard, for example, mimics the pleasing look of a digital magazine. Moreover, some social media platforms allow you to sync any and all feeds to that particular site’s newsfeed. Others, such as GoodReads, allow you to select specific feeds. GoodReads is a social media platform for organizing and reviewing books, and users have the option of syncing posts from their favorite authors’ websites.

RSS feeds lists make keeping tabs on the news – all of the news – possible, even on a busy schedule. Choose from media groups and news outlets’ convenient RSS feeds, or explore your formatting options, including text, audio, and video feeds.