Your Handy Guide to Craft Organization – Computer Arts Magazine

. With all the small components and tools, even a clean workspace can get disorganized and chaotic in the course of a single task. If you have a habit to ignore your messy craft work until the last minute don’t worry! In this clip, we’ll examine some practical ways that artists are coming up with for storage of their crafting supplies.

One of the best tools you could add to your craft space is a mobile craft cart. A rolly cart allows you to easily access your vinyl and tapes as well as store them in multiple levels. Certain bins are attached directly to the cart, allowing you to store small objects. Burlap cups are great to paint with. Your brushes will dry properly each time since the water drips and soaks into the burlap. Finally, adding hooks to the back of your desk can make room for cutting boards made of paper, rulers, as well as other larger tools.