Your Guide to Architectures Vaults – The Film Frame

vital structural elements of construction, and a vault kit can bring the life back to your home. The vault is typically used for a doorway or entryway, however it can also be used to decorate in the walkways. Knowing how to construct a vault correctly takes a ton of experience, and numerous online tutorials can assist you in getting on the right track. This video will demonstrate how to differentiate between the different vault types , and also their histories.

A vault, by definition can be described as a self-supporting arch structure, mostly made of brick or stone. They are used to provide a covering for an roof or ceiling. They are everywhere however, chances are they are not noticed when they are around. They are extruded arches that run horizontally. Two buttresses secure barrel vaults within them while a groin-style vault is composed comprising two barrel vaults, which connect at right angles. European architects enjoy ribbed vaults. They are often decorated with beautiful stone. Finally, a cloister vault can be described as a dome but it has all the arches joining at one spot. The Duomo is located in Florence is a great illustration of a cloister vault.