Why Do Car Accident Cases Rarely Go to Court? – serveidaho.org

le have invested in dash cameras for car accident evidence just for that purpose. They can also affect the lives of those who use them. When you get into an auto accident with serious consequences then you’d expect the dispute on who is at fault will result in a court proceeding. There aren’t many cases that involve cars being involved in accidents get to court. The reason for this is In the event of a fatal accident changing lives for people everywhere, shouldn’t the guilty party receive a fair trial? In this film we’ll explore the reason car accident cases rarely will be taken to court.

If it’s about court cases, car insurance companies are willing to do anything to avoid a juried trial. Jury members are unpredictable and they often believe that. Jurors from one state will make differing decisions from jurors in other. Most often, insurance companies advise against going to court because of the likelihood of losing, opting for negotiations and settlements that are not in the courtroom. Most car accident cases won’t be heard in tribunal due to the reason that juries tend not to vote in the favor of insurers.