What Planes Could You Fly After CE-525 Training Classes? – Sky Business News

Asses usually inquire with their instructors for advice on which airplanes they could pilot. They can provide the answer that you’re looking for by asking the community for expert information. If you’re looking to go beyond the expectations of your guests, look at an Cessna Citation jet because this private charter will not be like the other charters you’ve had.

This mid-sized aircraft, although smaller than the competition, ranks among the top in its class in terms of speed durability, endurance, range and price. Inside and out they’ve been designed and created from the ground up with for business travellers with the business traveler in mind. The jet is designed to provide the highest performance however, it does not compromise the comfort of passengers.

Executives take pride in what’s inside their private planes. Executives are looking for luxury that is at its finest with well-reclining and comfy seats.

Aviation Federation has created a comparative video to show you the top Cessna Citation aircraft you can fly when you’ve finished your CE-525 education. Here, you will see the top five jets currently on the market and the specifications and prices for each Cessna Citation model. This exclusive line of jets is perfect for anyone seeking to fly as a business jet or find out what kind of plane it is possible to fly.