What Is the Difference Between Latency and Bandwidth? – Freelance Weekly


This can be beneficial to everyone, regardless of whether you’re either a consumer or a business owner that has a website. If you’re a customer, you’ll have a better shopping experience and, as a company owner, you’ll have the ability to manage your website better. The website owner must be able to recognize the difference between the two. They can affect the ease with which you can utilize the Internet. In this video, you will learn what the two terms mean as well as the distinctions between them.

A simple analogy this video demonstrates, bandwidth represents a road. The more lanes it has, the more bandwidth it has, meaning it is able to handle larger volumes of traffic without getting blocked. If, however, there’s more traffic than the road can handle, the consequence is latency. A server must have enough bandwidth to eliminate any delay. The server should know how much traffic it’ll experience in order to have sufficient bandwidth. 6rweo9gs4z.