What is Metal Fabrication? – Business Success Tips


Finish a task. Tim uses only basic tools for metal fabrication to create a floating organizer from his home garage.

Metal fabrication is a high-value process that involves bending, cutting and joining of metal into functional structures. Tim shows numerous things you can accomplish using a basic Angle grinder and stick welder. Typically, the cutting in fabricating metal happens by either shearing, sawing or chiseling raw material. This can be accomplished either manually or with power, such as hacksaw blades as well as angle grinders.

Metal fabrication businesses often employ press brakes for bending. Other widely used tools include tube benders and the in-demand Hammer.

The joining or assembling of metal is done using riveting, welding, the application of adhesive to threaded fasteners or crimped seams.

The main types of metal employed in the process of making metal are structural steel as well as sheet metal. It doesn’t have to be hard regardless of how difficult the job of making your own metal can seem. There are a few easy tools that will help start.