What Are the Benefits of Remote Patient Monitoring? – Concordia Research

S health problems, remote patient monitoring could be a way for patients to be restored to a level of normalcy. Today’s video are going to learn what remote telehealth looks like as well as the equipment used for remote monitoring and what the advantages of this approach can be.

Remote patient monitoring can be an excellent way for patients who suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease to maintain some in control of their life. Remote monitoring of patients can give the patient’s friends and relatives a sense of peace in knowing that the health of their loved ones are secure. Monitoring patients remotely helps ensure that critical issues are identified in the early stages and treated promptly.

The equipment used for monitoring remote patients could include pulse oximeter monitors and weight scales. SC House Calls will provide online monitoring. Patients receive the patient a Samsung tablet for helping them access medical tech, and for connecting to the telehealth specialists monitoring their data.

For further information on SC House Calls, and learn more about how it can help you or loved ones, please visit the site or contact the number listed in this video. 485axxg1pe.