Understanding the Ever-Changing College Admissions Trends – Culture Forum

We select and admit only the top students. Because of this, the process has undergone many modifications in the way college admissions are conducted over the last several decades. In this article we’ll examine some of the latest developments in admissions to colleges and the way they impact the admissions process.
A Little Less Focus about ACT and SAT

Many colleges have made standardized testing scores public. The shift in interest means that your GPA or class rigor as well as extracurriculars have more importance. Admissions has evolved to be more inclusiveand encompasses all aspects of the high schooling experience.

Connect Your Website to Your Application

The Common App provides more ways to showcase your project or web site. Be it social media programming, your online portfolio of art, use this opportunity for you to display to admissions officers your skills and passions.

Showcase Your Intellectual Curiosity

Colleges seek students with a genuine interest in exploring the possibilities of learning and exploring. Through your classes and activities, show admissions officers that you’re interested in our world. Demonstrate that you’re curious and ready to take on new challenges. Learn and study can help you highlight your academic as well as academic potential to the college admissions team.