Repairing a Foundation Crack in Concrete – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

Drainage systems that are not performing as they should or aren’t. It is good to know that repairs for foundations are possible without the help of professionals.

In the event that water from a damaged drainage system is able to freeze on an existing concrete foundation then it presses on it that exposes the weak points these cracks. What can you do to repair cracks in the foundation of your concrete?

The initial step for concrete foundation repair is giving the crevices a little depth with a V-shaped grinding. You can then introduce your repairs more efficiently by grinding.

The surface can be clean using alcohol. Then, you are able to apply epoxy to the ports. This allows you to add the resin with a low viscosity inside the cracks. The ports are reservoirs to keep the flow of low viscosity resin in the crevices.

Then, you can use a fan tip to bridge across the high point of the crack. Use a tube to introduce the resin with low viscosity through the ports. In order to give the best visual appeal, leave the ports at least for 2 days. 1ktw24vxhf.