Preparing Your Home for a Tornado – Discovery Videos

It is impossible to take to ensure your house is prepared for any F5 tornado, which generates the speed of 318mph or more. Fortunately, F5 tornadoes are extremely rare. Atlas Survival Shelters offers a listing of the things you could make to prepare for a tornado.

To safeguard yourself against tornadoes, you will need to locate a safe place within your home. The basement could be this protected space. It is ideal to make this area tiny and unlit, as even F1 tornadoes have the ability to crush windows. A tornado shelter in a residential area could be built under your home. Toilets usually are located within underground bunkers.

Basements or bunkers need to be filled with items, for the event that you and your family need to stay in the bunker for a few days. You should have enough water to last you three days, which includes everyone in the family and pets. Have a first aid kit with medication on hand. Store blankets, bandages, and beds for the pets. It should be filled with food that’s not in danger of spoiling and does not need heating. This includes peanut butter or canned fruits. Avoid food that is stored inside glass since it might fall apart if a storm strikes your home.

They can strike at any time, but it is possible to plan in case of the worst. You’ll need shelter. If your house becomes unsafe for you to stay in, you must find out about public shelters in your area. osfjm75his.