Learn to Install Your Own Shingles and Save Money – Money Saving Amanda


If you want to save money for savings, think about replacing or installing the shingles on your own. The procedure is simple. It is nevertheless important to use caution when you are working from high above the surface. It is important to ensure you have a harness into a safe place so you won’t risk falling. You may not feel comfortable with heights or to be assisted by trained professionals. This video will demonstrate the best way to make your roof less expensive by making your own shingles.

The first step is to begin by nailing down drip edging along the sides of the roof. It is important to do this as the water could run off walls which causes the wood to become soft and moldy. After having the drip edging in place then you can begin to apply your felt sheet. Felt paper is useful for preventing water from building up below the roofing shingles. It allows for free movement between the roof and the shingles. It also reduces friction and damages during high winds. In the end, it is important to nail down all the shingles that are on your roof. As you attach them make sure you overlap them a little. It is important that the felt doesn’t show.