Learn How To Fix Common Plumbing Leaks By Following These Steps – CEXC


The size is so small that you decide it’s not worth calling a plumbing company. What do you need to do to repair this on your own? Howcast YouTube offers advice and suggestions to fix tiny leaks.

The I.P.S is also known by the name “Iron Pipe Side” is a very common kind of leak. Try using sealing tape. You can wrap it around the clockwise direction so that you seal the joint 3 times. Pipe thread sealant, or pipe dope can be used for covering the threads in the joint. Channel lock tools and hand screw will hold the pipe in it’s place.

The second DIY repair you can do is to repair the compression joint. It is also known as a mechanical joint, this repair calls for two pieces, namely an nut and a ferrel. A ferrel is a brass ring, will be squeezed onto the pipe after you screw the nut on, securing the leak.

A third leak you may discover could stem from an soldered joint. The solution is to unplug the joint, and then connect a brand new pipe.