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This group of cybersecurity professionals makes sure that hackers and others cyber-attacks do not penetrate the networks and information systems of banks, financial institutions as well as health organizations in addition to all other cloud-based service providers.

To get into this industry it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree with a computer-related field. It’s not going to guarantee you a 9-to-5 job; as cyber-attacks could strike anytime, data security professionals are often available. But that also means there’s high demand for these professionals due to the fact that the web is still dependent on cloud services. According to BLS it is experiencing a greater percentage of jobs than the average.

5. Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor

Industry: Social services
Median Salary: $46,240
Unemployment Rate: 1.7 Percent
Employment growth: 24,7% or 79,000 New Jobs by 2029

Counselors with these qualifications can deliver targeted therapy to patients with physical or mental health problems. Treatment for behavioral and substance-related disorders and addiction counselors examine patients who suffer from problems with eating disorders and addiction to drugs or alcoholism as well as other mental health disorders, creating strategies to help overcome these issues.

Although the requirements for education of private-practice counselors could differ, they need to be a graduate with a master’s degree as well as more than 4,000 hours of professional experience. They also need to take a state-wide exam. The BLS states that the position is expected to continue to be in high demands as states are increasingly seeking counsel for addicts and not jail time.

7. Physical Therapist

Industry: Health care
Median Salary: $89,440
The rate of unemployment is 1.6%
Employment Increase: 18.2% or 47,000 New Jobs amoe9wwpbh.