Incredible Black Artists You Should Check Out! – Art Magazines Online

s endless, and one is able to lose themselves in looking at some of the art posted on the Internet. From fashion designers to painters and sculptors to architects art has made an immense mark on the world , which will stand up to through the ages. The world of arts is greatly enhanced by the contributions of African American artists, who have contributed to a myriad of styles and techniques. This video highlights many of the most gifted and influential black artists as well as artists.

Jean Michel Basquiat’s style of street painting is based on the themes of duality, for example, freedom in vs. slavery, or the inner vs. external experience. Alma Thomas explores color and form through extremely bright patterns and patterns. Glenn Ligon, a world-renowned sculptor, bases his work on the historical deprivation and exclusion of African-Americans. In order to communicate powerful information to his audiences, he uses texts and typing. David Hammons is another sculptor and artist, who has brought African art into the modern time with pieces that are in the style of the early African civilizations. It’s no surprise that this list is not going to end because of the many gifted black artists are changing the art world.