How to Install Vinyl Floor Coverings – Family Game Night

You can get it in plans or even multiple layers.
This video demonstrates how to lay vinyl flooring.

Steps to installing flooring made of vinyl:
1. Clean the space and make sure that your flooring is straight. Take off the molding that is quarter-round and the doorway’s doorway section that is a transition piece.
2. To figure out how many planks will be needed take measurements of the area. To illustrate the size of planks, a 3-D rendering could also be possible.
3. Every board has the tongue and groove which can be put in by tapping. It’s much easier to connect the boards when you begin on the left.
4. Undercut the doorjamb, on the inside of the door, as well as, when necessary, the baseboard to ensure that the planks slide effortlessly under for a neater look.
5. Utilize wedge spacers to hold planks that require to be held off walls by 1/4 inch in all directions.
6. For a cleaner floor, make the most of your floor.
7. Reinstall the quarter-round molding (nail to the baseboard but not the flooring).

Vinyl floor covering is easy to clean and also water-resistant. tvgb1s5ve7.