How To Clean Your Area Rug – House Killer

use. Rugs can get stained or damaged over the course of time. The video below will help you understand how to spot cleaning your rug, without scrubbers.

Cleaning your area rug is something we all need to take care of from time to time. Begin by vacuuming all dirt and dust from the rug. After dirt has been removed, soak your carpet in soapy water before pressure washing it. Beware of using bleach or any toxic chemicals on your carpet. These chemicals can cause you to have the rug looking dingy.

There is also a dry cleaning solution instead of water. After you’ve cleaned your spot thoroughly, let it dry out on the rail. Also, you can dry your rug by blowing it. Make sure to sweep the rug often to take away any dust particles that are loose. It might be difficult to wash your rug. However, with a little persistence and perseverance it is possible to easily wash your carpet without hiring an expert.