How a Bail Bond Agent Makes Money – Economic Development Jobs

The inmates are expected to attend for the bail hearing after they are released from prison. The judge will assign a bail amount that is appropriate for the case in this court hearing. You can decide to stay in jail, or they can make the payment required by the judge in order to be released until the time they’re finally found guilty on charges of their crime.

A lot of people do not have the funds required to pay the court for their liberty, but. Bail typically is a temporary payment which acts as collateral for a loan. For your release you have to pay the judge. In return, you’ll be reimbursed should you be able to attend court appearances. Bail is after all created to motivate good behavior.

A bail agent is a person who assists people in paying bail when they’re not able to pay for the bail for themselves. They have money in reserve to cover bail bonds of other bail bond holders. They’re usually on call all hours of the day, so they don’t require a shift elsewhere. To earn an income, they take 10-15% of the costs of bail for a customer for their services.

You must be certified to be a bail bonds agent within the jurisdiction of your state. 9ha75f5siv.