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Some of the items you can add to your registry include coatings for guns, storage cases, shooting club membershipsand cleaning kits are things that you could consider adding to your list of registry items. There is also the possibility to add traps and targets to your registry if you are able target shoot at your home. 7. Hunting gear In case you or your partner are avid hunters, this is another item to consider adding on your registry. If you want to butcher the meat at home, it can be added to the registry with a home-cooked butchering set. You can think about items like camouflaged gear and waterproof boots. Also, hunter GPS units, rangefinders rifle bags, and arrow holders. If you’re near an area with a hunting group it is possible to add registration to your registry in case you’d like to be able to join and hunt with people in your region. 8. Additionally, you can add couple classes to your wedding registry. One of the options include massage and mixing classes, cooking courses, dancing classes, art classes and language classes, home improvement classes, as well as acting classes. These classes offer new ways to create trust and bonds. Classes in cooking, for instance will help you understand how to cook tasty meals together, skills that could be utilized within your own home. Arts and theater classes allow for artistic expression and communication. Both you and your spouse will have the most fun in deciding the classes you want to add to your registry. Museum Membership Member of the Museum If both you and your companion love museums, you may want to think about adding a museums membership for your wedding