Designing Your Law Firm Website – Legal Magazine

He suggests that websites for lawyers be user-friendly for customers. K.I.S.S. is his acronym. K.I.S.S. means “keep It Simple, stupid.” Visitors come to an attorney’s website for information. Visitors don’t have to see all the whistles and bells.

More often than not potential customers will go elsewhere in the event of having to deal with a lot of additional issues. So, it’s important to ensure that the site is easy accessible. The visitors shouldn’t be required to search for details they are looking for. The most crucial information should not be hidden from view.

The third point is to pay attention to your output to the web designer. The content, videos and photos must be excellent quality or else the result might not be of the highest quality. The information clients provide can enable a web design to be just as successful as the content.

The speaker suggests you invest real money in your project. He recommends spending at least $10,000 on the lawyer’s website. The presenter offers many beneficial tips for those in need of a website design. 56ti8pb2sd.