Behind the Scenes of Auto Brake Repair Stop Worrying About Your Vehicle – Car Talk Credits

Brake repair is just one of the many jobs your technician will have to perform when giving auto brake repair assistance. But, it’s something you can do yourself. In a YouTube video entitled “The Essentials of Disc Brake Service,” “EricTheCarGuy” illustrates how to maintain your brakes.

Some of the things you need for the servicing consist of silicone paste brake lube (brake lube), safety glasses, anti-seize and a pry bar. Check that your car is supported by a jackstand before beginning. It is not necessary to pull both fasteners off; simply removing the top one suffices.

After removing brake pads, apply a spray of water and wipe it off using a towel. Every component around the brake pads must be properly cleaned. Clean and remove slides, the upper and the lower pen. To lessen the noise level, utilize the silicone to clean. You can use a rag to clean brake pads.

Maintaining your brakes on a regular basis can prolong their life and prevent the possibility of unexpected problems while driving.