There are Several RSS Alternatives to Google Reader Still Available

RSS feed lists are great tools for anyone who wants to use the internet to get the latest news updates and keep up with all of the topics that they are interested in. However, Google News RSS feeds became much more difficult to use in early July when Google decided to shutdown its popular aggregator, which they aptly named Reader. Though there are lots of good alternatives still available, Reader was the most popular of its kind, and many former RSS users have stopped subscribing altogether. Unfortunately, the reasons why the program was shut down are a bit vague, and it can be tough to figure out exactly why.

According to the Google Reader blog, the company decided to shut down several different programs in an effort to better focus on other areas. The blog post from March 13 states, “We need to focus – otherwise we spread ourselves to thin and lack impact.” Reader, which was originally introduced in 2005, was not the only program shut down, but it was perhaps the most popular. Other

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Read All of Your News in One Place

Did you know that, in any given minute, Twitter users compose 100,000 tweets, Facebook users publish 684,478 posts, and as many as 571 new websites crop up online? Keeping track of anything on the web, especially news cycles that change by the minute, can be challenging. RSS feeds gather all of the news for you, and arrange news in a single, convenient feed reader. With RSS feeds lists, keeping track of news can be manageable, even on a busy schedule.

What News Outlets and Media Groups Support RSS Technology?

The New York Times was one of the first major news outlets to use RSS feeds, and other prominent groups quickly followed suit. Today, CNN RSS feeds, Fox News Live feeds, Google News RSS feeds, BBC RSS feeds, and more are available, and all are relatively convenient and simple to use. Users have the option of syncing all news stories from a particular source, or from syncing particular topics only, such as world news, arts and entertainment news, etc.

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Expand Your RSS Feed List With These Popular Choices

Do you have some of the most popular RSS feeds on your RSS feeds list? If you do not, you could be behind on breaking news around the world and in your hometown. Subscribing to a variety of feeds is the best way to ensure that you never miss an important headline. Here are four popular feeds that you may want to consider adding to your list.

1. Google News UK RSS feed.

The Google News UK section aggregates all of the top headlines from multiple news sources in the United Kingdom. Whether you are an expatriate here in America, or just travelling outside of Britain, if you want to stay connected to the latest news headlines from back home, then all you need to do is subscribe to the Google News UK RSS feed. The Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail, Scotsman, Ayrshire Post, BBC News, and more are all filtered into this RSS feed so you never miss an important headline.

2. Fox News live feed.

The Fox News live feed specializes in bringing you the latest headlines as they break. Internationa

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Compiling Your RSS Feeds for Optimal News Consumption

Are you a voracious reader who has to have the latest news articles instantaneously at his or her fingertips? Do you hate wasting time searching various publications online for the specific topics and articles that are of interest to you? If you answered Yes to these questions, than using an RSS feeds list to easily access all the articles you need in one convenient spot is the best possible solution.

As for the popular Google Reader bloggers have written extensively about its demise in addition to suggesting other RSS readers that could work as effective replacements. Among them are Feedly, Feedspot, Digg Reader, and Flipboard.

No matter which reader you choose, it is important to remember that in order for it to be effective it has to be able to import the most up to date articles to your RSS feed list from sources like the Google News RSS, via its web application, to one central web page. For example, if you are in search of a well rounded approach to the national politica

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Happily Ever After Starts With Buying that First Home for Many Americans

Finding “the one” is the first step in how most people see their future. When you find the right person to spend your life with, it truly feels like hitting the lottery. Buying (or receiving) engagement rings, planning a future, talking about kids, and where you will live solidifies the future.

For many couples, engagement rings are more than an expression of love. They are the catalyst where talk turns into serious planning. Many couples, in the interest of starting their future, buy their first home when they are engaged.

How The Story Unfolds for More Than Half American Couples

Even among couples that are not planning on getting married any time soon, home ownership is a goal. Home ownership has been a long standing part of the “American dream”, while many of the factors of the American dream have changed over the years, owning a home is still a number one priority for most couples.




The face of health care has changed over the last couple of decades. People are encouraged to take more responsibility for their own health, like following healthy diet tips, getting regular exercise, and looking for health advice online, before heading to the doctor.

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Dog Training Information

Over 36% of Americans own a dog. Dog training helps to make life with your pet nicer. It is important that not only for your sanity but for the safety of your pet that they are well trained. Of course, that is easier said than done. There is plenty of dog training information available that can help you to train your dog.  This information is not just for potential service dogs, all companion animals can benefit from a training program.

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PowerListing on YellowPages|

PowerListing on YellowPages|

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