honey badger vs baboon

'key' : 'ca6d4358e187e184b439f3121c4d8158', A baboon – because they have arms just like people and could probably headbutt well. Vs. Baboons have an obvious advantage – an electron force field. Wow Amazing ! 'format' : 'iframe', Behind that shy exterior lies a calculated fighting machine. They’re little fuckers. Baboons think they can come up and be all like “Hey, look at me. Honey Badger - Mellivora capensis The honey badger (Mellivora capensis), also known as the ratel, is a species of mustelid native to Africa, the Middl AMAZING Baboons Save Deer From Leopard - Hippo Help Zebra, Bear Saves Crow. Rather than avoid the question outright like David Cameron did, some of the more imaginative celebrities we placed the question in front of came up with some weird and wild answers…. Badgers are known to defend themselves against lions and hyenas. A fully grown cape buffalo barely worries about being a prey either and this is because they have thick hides and sharp horns which they use to seriously injure predators like lions, using their size to their advantage they can chase off pretty much any threats. A shocking video of a python, honey badger and two jackals fighting each other has gone viral after a group of tourists recorded it on safari in Africa. Although the leopard is more intelligent and has a bite force big enough to break the neck of its prey, there is no doubt the jaguar would win the fight. Modern day Cassowaries would leave you bruise, battered and injured. In fact, he could still be growing, since crocodiles (like all reptiles) are blessed with a feature called indeterminate growth, which makes them increase in size for the rest of their lives. Badgers don’t flee, it holds its ground and snaps, kicks and bites at lions, hyenas, humans, and leopards till all those animals tire and beat the retreat. They are cheeky little beggars. See […], Football – Kicking a ball Video Football is played by two groups on a huge rectangular formed grass field The target of a football crew […], Amazing and Dangerous pictures that will leave you speechless And this And this check this out Another Here is another one Amazing and Dangerous pictures […], How to start up a successful poultry farm in Nigeria With the current unemployment rate in Nigeria, it is however advised that individuals venture into […], 8 Steps To Start Up Rabbit Farming In Nigeria Are you thinking of a profitable agricultural farming business you can start-up in Nigeria? Lion vs Rhino vs Baboon vs Crocodile Vs Monkey Wild Animal Attacks. Some Animals have evolved to become more fearless and aggressive. If you were to confine the two animals however, in some sort of quasi-gladiatorial situation, then I think the badger would win as the baboon would not be able to keep out of the badger’s damage zone and I reckon – in such circumstances, the badger would eventually wear it down. Adults are about 120–150 cm (47–59 in) long and weigh … Related: Look at diverse Camouflag Animals. Sharp fangs, an extended reach, the sort of shrieking battle cry that could loosen the stools of the hardest men – and it also has plenty of support in the celebrity world. Badgers are hard as nails, but baboons – male ones, anyway – are very impressive animals. These baboons are native to 25 countries in Africa. Discord Animal Face Off: Ultimate Bug Rumble Part 2 Animal Face Off: Ultimate Dinosaur Rumble Part 2 Battle Against Honey Badger Edit. Don’t be fooled. I think the badger would win actually – they’ve got really horrible claws. It is currently listed as “endangered” and risks becoming extinct. Its fighting ability has recently made it an internet sensation, but will it hold its own against the living tank, the water-horse? The hippo sees no need for the latter. The inability to move and feel anything, could be in part or most of […], Boerboel – A Dog breed Trained to battle Lions Here is the Boerboel, the most dangerous (individual) dog breed in the world The Boerboel is […]. Hyena Vs Baboon ¦ Leopard Became Hero After Save And Take Care Of Baby Baboon. 10 Most Fearless Animals in the wild, Related: 10 Animals that will Kill a full grown tiger. They do indeed say that the ratel, or honey badger, is the toughest animal in Africa. Some of them had more to say than others – but here are some of the more curious, thoughtful and surprising answers we’ve heard from some of the world’s biggest stars. Its limitless aggression is a form of offence. Wildlife experts, respected intellects and people with first-hand experience of the beasts all tend to swing in the badgers’ direction. I’m really cute, hey!” Badger couldn’t give a fuck. Baboons, they’re all about cuddling and shit. They just dont die . I would go with the baboon unless it’s a honey badger, then I would go with the honey badger. Who comes up with these questions? They’re pretty strong. Try not […], [VIDEO]: Dangerous But Funny Fails Compilation Daredevils Who Lost Their Lives During Insane Stunts Amazing Watch How This Two Cows Got Themselves Killed While […], Amazing Graphic content videos for your learning The videos below shows content that may be disturbing to some, but also for your learning. The honey badger charges first, making straight for the hippo’s rear. Brown bears are omnivorous, which means they eat plants and animals. leopard vs. ostrich? It could flick one of the badger’s eyes out with its left forefinger and poke the other eye deep into the socket with its right thumb. As you can imagine, the good people of Brighton didn’t really feel too compelled to offer any serious questions for David Cameron. leopard vs. wild dogs? An action packed Informative website flavoured with the purpose of Entertainments. Grooverider: He would tire him out. Bite: Melee Weapon Attack: +3 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target Honey badgers have been shown to have a lifestyle that is unique to the honey badger in respect to other mustelids. Matrix. Post Jan 05, 2009 #1 2009-01-05T21:59. Badgers are pretty nasty, you know. We need some respite, in truly one-sided battles.10 Most Fearless Animals in the wild. Badger. and, from someone posting under what was presumably the pseudonym “GreggWallace” Recently crowned the ‘Maddest Mustelid’, the ratel is a highly aggressive creature native to Africa. The good news is they are only found on the island of tasmania. Do you know that honey badger is one of the most aggressive animals in the world? – Does he watch Eggheads? Thanks to: Rich Johnston for the illustrations, the Brighton Argus and Holden Caulfied for the question, and to GO, LMES, WB, SW, MT, CC and campanology for being so dedicated to helping us find an answer to this ridiculous riddle. Despite its name, it bears more resemblance to a weasel than other badger species. And apparently, they’ll then run alongside you and throw themselves into the middle of the road so that you swerve. Hippopotamus are responsible for a number of human deaths per year and this is as a result of their aggressiveness and territorial nature. (The producer said she was intrigued by it and would like to speak afterwards to whoever asked it to find out what the thinking was behind it…). Both of them routinely survive attacks from much larger predators. Is it a honey badger? When on their own hyenas are impressive fighters. They are the largest of all living primates. They hang out all day soaking up the sun while their heads is submerged in water. Someone even opened a Baboon Vs Badger themed guesthouse in Ibiza. Its aggression is a form of defence. Namibia Free-Range. It is relatively long compared to its width and it has a particularly long, narrow tail. A honey badger weighs about 11 kilos. If you mean ‘kill’ then I simply don’t think that either would be able to kill the other in normal, wild circumstances. Related: 10 […], Lions or Tiger which is better at hunting prey Does lion hunts animals that r bigger, wilder, more aggressive, and more dangerous compared to what […], Slay Queen makes beats using her best friend’s big boobs – What have we not seen from these slay queens, LOL!!! He had the fighting instincts of a badger trapped by hounds. 10 Most Fearless Animals in the wild. But that’s a boring answer, so I would have to say the wily badger with its ferocious temper and sharp teeth would easily have one over the baboon. Tasmanian devils have a strong foul odour, when threatened they let off an awful strich that’s extremely loud. But there’s still a great deal more to do in order to ensure these magnificent apes a better future; And that’s why it’s more imperative than ever to encourage conservationists in their war to save the world’s last remaining gorillas. A question posed by Brighton Argus poster Holden_Caulfield: In classic political fashion, Cameron dodged the question when they put it to him. A honey badger opens up a trashcan that is baboon-proof with ease. A lone honey badger is on the prowl, looking for food. The Argus couldn’t very well put all of these dipshit questions to a prime minister-in-waiting, but they did pick one. Or possibly a badger with a machine gun? The baboons are classified based on their different colors, such as yellow, silver, brown, and olive-green. The contest was evenly matched, although I believe the badgers would have prevailed were it not for the fact that the male baboon had an Uzi 9mm. Yellow baboon (Papio cynocephalus) Yellow baboons are also called “dog-headed baboons”. A baboon, right? When they feel that their space is being invaded they would attack and repel the invader. Their skin can repel both Arrows and Spears as well. They also do not want to injure themselves – an infected cut or bite in the wild means certain death. Matrix. If you want a copy of our original 2009 toilet book Popbitch Presents: Baboon V Badger – which contains over 130 celebrity answers to the question: including further answers from Derren Brown, Suggs, Tim Burgess, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Rowetta, Garth Jennings, Bodger from Bodger & Badger, Edgar Wright, Paul Weller, Abz from 5ive, Spike from 911, New Hampshire Senator Martha Fuller Clark, Jon Ronson, Jerry Dammers and MORE – we have a few limited copies left. – What does swan taste like? Teeth were bared and fur began flying. Each family have at least 50 members making them intimate mating groups. Nile crocodile thick scaly skin is Heavily armored allowing them to fend off any potential attacks with ease.10 Most Fearless Animals in the wild. Alexander Armstrong: Are you mad?! They are happy to take on snakes as well. This hornet can sting repeatedly and quickly doing so without hesitation. It then proceeds to feed on fresh mustelid meat. A male baboon‘s hands and arms are said to be roughly eight times as powerful as male humans. 11:26. “Are You Feeling Bored? Baboons, Mandrills and Monkey are not the same. An adult male hamahydras baboon is the same size as an adult female chimpanzee. Just for kicks. He was showing off as we watched and he picked up what we thought was an apple and threw it at our brother [Shane Lynch from Boyzone]. And what hope of getting David Cameron to finally answer the question – a full decade later? Other Traits: Feriocous and very agile,is also very strong. Uma from The Saturdays, Charlotte Hatherley from Ash, Jamie Morrison from the Stereophonics, Dom Joly, Tommy Wiseau from The Room, Anne-Marie Duff and 2010 UK Eurovision entrant Josh Dubovie. Gorillas are divided into 2 species, the western gorillas and the eastern gorillas. Their teeth grow constantly their entire life and can do to be quite large allowing them to take down prey much larger than themselves. Despite being mostly herbivorous, it has dangerously large and sharp incisors and canines that it uses to fight other hippos. They throw their shit about, don’t they, baboons? They live in yet […], Enjoy This Afro Beat Twerk Dance Video By Unique Hope Choreography OMG! They are known to take down medium and larger animals. Seriously speaking, there’s a limit to the honey badger’s abilities. so most people don’t have to worry about wrestling with one. Starting with No 10 the Honey badger. ... Eagle vs. Badger Honey badgers may have a good relationship with one species of bird--the greater honeyguide. They prefer to keep away from humans and stay in the deep forest. Honey Badger Vs Male Olive Baboon . Jaguar Vs Leopard – Who Is The Strongest? They live throughout sub-Saharan Africa, the Nile Basin, and Madagascar in rivers, freshwater marshes, and mangrove swamps. With a flash of overlarge canines, the hippo does what a machete cannot – it takes the whole ratel by the head, and snaps it in half. Below are 10 Most Fearless Animals in the wild. How would a badger beat a baboon? I would go with the baboon unless it’s a honey badger, then I would go with the honey badger… The Bengal Tiger, The second largest cat and it can kill humans. So what can we learn from all of this? Baboons dominate specific territory, they oftentimes change their environment due to shortage of food. It could ram its elbow into the top of the badger’s skull and push down hard until the dear beast saw Christmas light dancing in its mind. Habib Khan. These creatures are ground dwelling apes that prefer to live in the Forest. Once when we were very small, we were on holiday in Portugal and there was a baboon sat tied up. The sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), also known as the “honey bear” is a bear found in tropical forest habitats of Southeast Asia. Baboons. Although they are currently being listed as being endangered as a result of poaching. Don’t they just tear your arm straight off and smack you round the head with it? Due to habitat destruction via deforestation, as well as diseases contacted from humans, civil unrest and rampant poaching for their meat, gorillas are listed as critically endangered species – because of human activities. 34. I have actually worked with a local wildlife trust who created a safe badger sett in the countryside close to my home so I’d have to admit that my heart would say badger, but my head says that the superior dexterity of the primate would probably prevail. Baboon Habitat. They can live in many different habitats without issues. And their butts are red. In Avengers Infinite war, an intergalactic warlord (Thanos) wiped out […], Hollywood Movies with Amazing Visual Effects and Computer-generated imagery What are some Hollywood movies with amazing VFX? Here’s what the celebrity world has to say…, On February 12th 2009, the Brighton Argus put out a call to its readers. Not much is known about them because of their shy nature. Fun while it lasted though…. It has few natural predators in the wild. They prey on bees and their venom damages the tissue of it’s victims. The honey badger has short legs armed with very strong claws which are remarkably long on the forelimbs. They also have massive Jaws and huge teeth which they use terrify preys. Brown Bear vs. Pika . It is a beast that fights best on its back: rolling under the throat of the enemy and seizing it by the head with all four claws.”. The Nile Crocodile is a fierce apex predator. They are crazy. Once they catch their prey, they use their claws to grip their prey and then repeatedly bite away at it with their 42 teeths. This creatures are enormous and are stronger than humans. Ten years after getting six million votes in The X Factor final, Steve Brookstein (the man who got six million votes in... Jimmy Carr and Chris Moyles were just the smug and arrogant tips of the iceberg. In my opinion, longer reach and the ability to jump out of harm’s way would give baboons the edge… very vicious. If you comprehend what your […], Why guys find these chracteristics about women attractive Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholder, however there’s no rejecting that those initial […], 4 Best signs your relationship will be long lasting Anonymous “I can lay down with her, wed her, deal with her, but love is something […], Korean Movies are loved by many, especially women, The culture, the food, the clothing materials, fashion, passion and Great Movie stories. This depends on the terrain. The Skin. They have a reputation for attacking a man’s crown jewels (though I am not sure if there are any confirmed cases of this). A site that includes Videos of wildlife happenings around the world, Dance Videos compilations, Relationship tips, Movies and Comedy videos…. They’re known as fierce competitor when it comes to a fight even with venomous snakes like Black mamba and inland taipan. Every bit of a badger is over-engineered and unusually strong: bones, teeth, even skin. The gorilla has DNA that is 99% similar to humans, making them our closest living relativeafter chimps and bonobos. It has few predators due to its thick skin and ferocious defensive capabilities. Fabio: The baboon is bigger. Then again, despite his monstrous size, to say that Gustave is the largest Nile crocodile ever recorded is a tad exaggerated…. They are the most common large carnivores in Africa and grouped together in massive packs that allow them dominate the competition. Ben Miller: Badger. Well, baboons would hands-down win it for me. Visual Effects (VFX) is the expression of unreality […], 9 most recent movie release in July 2020 Below are list 9 interesting movies that will be released this month of July 2020. My favourite fact about badgers comes from an interview for The Times that I did with a top dentist called Dr Peter Kertesz. See more ideas about honey badger, badger, bones funny. You Won’t Believe How Crazy This Girls Fight What LMAO! Jackal Save Honey Badger From Python Swallowing - Leopard, Crocodile, Hyenas Hunt Fail. Venoms barely penetrate their skin. The honey badger has such tough skin that most stingers, and many fangs can't penetrate; The honey badger is widely recognized as the most fearless- and fiercest - animal in the world. The name honey is affiliated with it because it will do anything to eat honey even going into swam of bees to get a taste of honey, though it will get stung by thousands of bees it still wouldn’t retreat. The only double act that seemed to share any consensus was Winnie the Pooh and Tigger – when someone who was working at Disneyland Florida asked them both who they thought would win and they both agreed that it’d be a badger. There’s a reason farmers go after them with guns and don’t just punch them to get them to leave. Badgers are built like battleships. Raw attitude would probably be the honey badger as it is absolutely fearless. He treats humans four days a week and animals on Fridays. Cassowaries have a long standing reputation of attacking people and domestic animals often throwing their powerful legs to kick at people. And badgers are all sick, overweight and blind. The Nile Crocodile‘s skin is often compared to the American alligator because of its low bone content. It would get the baboon’s goolies. The honey badger measures up to 96 cm is length, up to 28 cm at the shoulder, and weighs up to 16 kilograms. Unsurprisingly, David Cameron wasn’t the only person to refuse to answer the question. I was recently in Tesco, minding my own business, when I became aware of an altercation developing somewhere near the frozen peas. Is there a trick to this question…? The honey badger is the most dangerous, fearless animal on earth. Great! Young gorillas, weak or sick adults find themselves vulnerable to leopard attacks – in fact, the leopard is the only large apex predator of the African rainforests (the gorilla’s natural range), where lions are absent –; but even then, a hunting leopard must be wary, since gorillas do live in groups and are very protective of their kind. Both of these creatures live in the desert so the environment won’t bother them at all since they are both good for hunting, searching for water, and finding shelter. It has thick, floppy skin that is hard for the aforementioned animals to bite through. With unsure footing on muddy ground, the honey badger jumps on a rock and hisses at the hippopotamus, Related: Amazing Things and Mind blowing facts about Lions. If you have to do an extraction on one you soon realise that their teeth are fused to the bone and their gums are stuck down as hard as glue. lowland gorilla populations are around 4,000–6,000 individuals in the wild, while mountain gorillas number less than 880 individuals! The Tasmanian devil’s large head and neck allow it to generate the strongest bite per unit body mass of any living mammal, and it hunts prey as well as scavenging carrion. It doesn’t have much to fear for the most part. Male baboons are far more aggressive than female baboons. Yes: even for a strong leopard, a gorilla (especially a silverback male) is much too large and much too risky to take on, particularly with its bulk, nasty bite-force – between 1,000–1,400 pounds per square inch (PSI), in contrast with the leopard’s bite-force that is only 470 PSI –, and long arms so powerful that only one blow is enough to break the leopard’s spine. leopard vs. rock python? A baboon could do absolutely horrendous damage to a badger. I’ve been waiting for someone to ask. The world is too full of deadly boring fights that are far too realistic. Although they do both eat some roots and berries, they hardly share the same diets – and, let’s face it, they’re not likely to fight over a flirtatious badger or alluring baboon. Africa’s largest crocodile can reach a maximum size of about 20 feet and can weigh up to 1,650 pounds. Deep in the Shoshone National forest of Wyoming, a brown bear is hunting for fish in the nearby Yellowstone Lake. 8:51. They are found throughout sub saharan africa. This creatures are no Joke at all. document.write('

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