fuchsia species list

Today, there are about 110 species of Fuchsia, which are mainly native to South America, with a few from Mexico and Central America and some from New Zealand and Tahiti. Foliage very large dark green leaves with soft hairs. On the right, F.magellanica. The Fuchsia genus, part of the Onagraceae plant family, includes 122 individual species of fuchsia and numerous cultivars. 1960 (Reedstrom). There is a “Fisheri” is an old name for F. … This species list is for show purposes only and replaces all previous species show lists. Bush. There are over 100 recognised species, the majority of which are native to Central and South America. The majority of the Fuchsia species grow in the wild within South America on the western slopes of the Andes. The Earthworks Fuchsias. Finding a true F. fulgens is very difficult, but there are Show Committee before September 30th of each year. // -->